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Tom and Glenda Slaughter
Glenda and Tom Slaughter

Owned and operated by Tom and Glenda Slaughter, Polvadeau Vineyards has specialized in growing Black Spanish/Lenoir grapes since 2006. The first commercial vineyard in Bandera County, the vineyard is about 65 miles northwest of San Antonio, TX, and just two miles from Lost Maples State Park. The vineyard has produced not only top quality Black Spanish Lenoir grapes, but also many top quality wines.

Our grapes are grown on land that has been held in Glenda's family for more than 175 years—since before Texas was even a State. The Polvado (Polvadeau) family migrated from France to the United States. John Polvadeau, Glenda’s great grandfather, settled along the spring-fed waters of the Sabinal River near Vanderpool, TX. Glenda and Tom grow their grapes and produce their wine as a loving testament to Glenda's grandparents.

Tom and Glenda are committed to the wine industry in the State of Texas. They have a nursery that sends their cuttings, and plants propagated from their cuttings, to vineyards all over the United States.

If you are interested in cuttings or 1 year old plants, please contact Andrea McGilvray by phone at (210) 413-7392 or email: cowgirlcapital@att.net
or order online at: www.blackspanishgrapes.com

Lost Maples Winery at Polvadeau Vineyards, LLC. is the first commercial vineyard and winery in Bandera County